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      •  Double Points Multi-link Servo Press

      Double Points Multi-link Servo Press

      Oversize working stroke: the stroke is comparable to hydraulic press, and can stop and return at any position to meet the requirements of various stamping processes.



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      The product description

      Oversized working stroke

      ● the stroke is comparable to the hydraulic press, and can stop and return at any position, to meet the requirements of a variety of stamping processes.

      Oversized countertop

      ● it is convenient to realize double point and four point structure, with strong anti-bias capacity, which is the best choice for large-scale die stamping and continuous die stamping.

      Ultra-high forming accuracy

      ● dynamic intelligent compensation of dead center precision, the repeated positioning precision soil in the working area is 0.01mm, the product precision is high, the mold life is long.

      Ultra high efficiency

      ● compared with traditional mechanical press, less mechanical parts, higher transmission efficiency, easy to maintain, easy to robot, manipulator and other automation line.

      Ultra-low production energy consumption

      ● patent transmission mechanism with large force ratio, configuration of low power servo motor, by efficient optimization of inertia, to achieve 5-10 times the power output, low energy consumption, high cost performance.

      Main technical parameters


      User Comments

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